The new BTHA Board of Directors has been elected!

2017 Balboa Terrace Board of Directors

Balboa Terrace homeowners elected a new Board of Directors on March 14, 2017

Please thank Nominations and Election Committee Members Margaret Finley and Mary Rotunno, along with the Inspectors of Election Alexa Vuksich, Karin Hu and Margaret Finley,  as well as Cindy Hu who helped with the vote count

Please join them in congratulating and supporting our Association's new Board of Directors.

Sophie Breall  

Now you know me. I have been your president for the last year and have lived with my daughter and husband in Balboa Terrace since 2003. I have enjoyed serving you and hope to do so for another year. I have met many of you on my walks around the neighborhood with my dog, Rosie, or at the annual picnic. My goals and objectives for the year of 2017 remain Leadership, Transparency and Community Engagement.

Kevin Bulivant

During my first term on BTHA Board as Treasurer, I improved financial oversight, initiated an independent financial review of BTHA books for 2015, implemented a double entry accounting system to improve monthly financial reporting and developed homeowner database. I am a Finance professional with over 25 years experience and have lived in Balboa Terrace since 1999 with my wife and two children. My goals and objectives for this Board: continue financial oversight, integrity and full transparency.

Brigitte Churnin

This year I served on the Board as Vice-President. Most recently, I worked to repair and replace the broken historical lights on Junipero Serra frontage road and helped to restore the greenery of the common areas in Balboa Terrace. What I bring to the Board is a calm voice and steady leadership. I'm open to people, I listen to people, I take other people's advice and I am willing to compromise. But most importantly, you know that I will always try to do my best for this neighborhood and for the people in it.

Hanna Fleck

I have lived in our beautiful and unique Balboa Terrace neighborhood for 21 years. Previously I served on the BTHA Board as a Director, Treasurer, and Secretary. Professionally, I held positions in Financial Planning, Leasing, Treasury, Debt and Investment Management. I have run my own independent business for about 10 years. My goals and objectives for this Board: After taking a break from the Board for a few years, I want to become more actively involved. Becoming a member of the Board for me means to be engaged in our community, supportive of volunteer efforts, and bringing neighbors together.

Susan Grazioli

I have resided at 329 San Leandro Way for over 30 years and been on the Board previously for several years. I am a third generation San Franciscan and chose to live in our neighborhood because of my familiarity with West Portal. As an elected Board member, I would work to maintain our neighborhood with regard to home and landscaping maintenance, upkeep of our common areas, as well as issues that arise. In casting your vote, I would be honored to serve you. 

Nancy Khalaf

My name is Dr. Nancy Khalaf and I would like to nominate myself for the BTHA Board of Directors.  I have lived at 358 San Benito Way for over eleven years and have owned my dental practice at 2345 Ocean Avenue for thirteen years. As a home and business owner in the neighborhood, I feel it is important to maintain the safety and beauty of Balboa Terrace. I hope to be able to help do that and thank you for your consideration.



Jodi Kimel

In 2008, we purchased the charming house that I had fallen in love with years before. Balboa Terrace appealed to us for a variety of reasons including the neighborhood's unique character and family friendly attributes. I have attended BTHA meetings regularly, been an advocate for preserving the neighborhood and fought for transparency of the HOA as well as for policy/procedural adherence. This past year, I was elected to the BTHA Board as Secretary and I am a member of several BTHA committees. I feel it is important to be honest, fair and have open lines of communication.

Robert Mann

I am a Balboa Terrace Home owner & resident for 17 years. Professional experience: board member, officer and executive of three public companies and two non-profit organizations over the last 20 years. Current work: Board Member and CEO of Metabiota, a global biological risk analytics company. I am a current BTHA committee volunteer and past board member. I am fully committed to vigorously protecting and improving BTHA property values, quality of life through volunteerism, respect, co-operation and organization.

Bob Switzer

A resident since 1994, I worked with public agencies, businesses and non-profits in program/ capital planning and finance. As a previous BTHA Director, I facilitated coalitions to improve Aptos Park ($3M +), Ocean Avenue and won a S.F. Beautiful award. I am now retired, a court-appointed conservator, manage properties in other HOAs, and make wine with friends. I want our neighborhood to: Hold open, courteous and productive Board meetings with measurable benefit; Be welcoming and cooperative in preserving our neighborhood's unique character and our home values; Advocate for better City services and improvement in our community. Thanks for your vote.

Emily Tam

 I have lived in Balboa Terrace for close to a decade. I previously served on the BTHA Board as Secretary for several years. I am a Real Estate Broker and a Real Estate Attorney. For over a decade, I volunteered at many different organizations such as the Bar Association of San Francisco, Asian American Bar Association, Junior League of San Francisco, and the National Association of Asian American Professionals. With my past experience as Secretary, I believe that I will be a great contribution to the BTHA Board. 

 Bill Thomen

My name is Bill Thomen and I have recently moved to Balboa Terrace. I was attracted to Balboa Terrace by the historical appearance of the houses and the consistency of the beautiful landscaping. All this is the result of a strong HOA. I am a CPA by training and fiscally conservative. I feel that I can help the association by using my professional skills to ensure that our money is well spent while also maximizing the appearance of our neighborhood.