The new BTHA Board of Directors has been elected!

Balboa Terrace had its first election in many years for a new slate of candidates to the Board of Directors. 

This election was governed under the complexities of the State’s Davis-Sterling Act, the Association's Articles of Incorporation as well as its by-laws. This year featured a new factor: an independent Nomination and Election Committee who were dedicated and worked hard as advocates and to solicit nominations, stuff envelopes, distribute ballots, and count votes. But success was also due to the support of many friends and neighbors who reside in the 288 homes in Balboa Terrace – those who stepped up to nominate, to serve on the Board, and finally, to vote. 

Please thank Committee Members Mary Rotunno, Margaret Finley, Hanna Fleck and Alexa Vuksich, as well as Elizabeth Khachigian who helped with the vote count. 

Most important, please join them in congratulating and supporting our Association’s new Board of Directors:

Sophie Breall

I have lived in Balboa Terrace since 2003 with my husband and daughter.  I have been an attorney in San Francisco for 20 plus years. I have run my own business for approximately 17 years. I served on the BTHA Board for several years previously. My goals and objectives for this Board: Leadership, transparency and community engagement.

Brigitte Churnin

I have served on the Board for several years.  Some of the items that I have worked on for the community include:  Helped setup for Safe Drop-off & Pick-up of students at Aptos Middle School; Facilitated removal of ubiquitous utility poles; Worked to place strategic STOP signs & crosswalks and pedestrian countdown stop lights across Portola; Worked with neighbors across Christian Science Church regarding the new pre-school; Acting as Communication Liaison with Crime & Safety and Aptos Middle School. I think that my continued presence on the Board would be an asset to the community.

Monica Hernandez

I have lived in the neighborhood for 18 years.  This will be my first time pursuing opportunity to serve on a home association board.  
I have been employed by Bank of America for over 30 years.  Vice President Communications Manager.   My team is organized, consistently delivering results with process/problem solving abilities. I work well with others and get things done. My goals and objectives for this board: Perform duties in good faith in the manner that is in the best interest of the home owners under the Balboa Terrace Home Association. Thank you for your consideration.

Jodi Kimel

My Husband and I relocated to San Francisco in 1999 from Scottsdale, AZ.  While exploring many residential areas in San Francisco, we were drawn to Balboa Terraces from the beginning for a variety of reasons, mainly the neighborhood’s unique character and family friendly attributes. In 2008, we purchased and moved our three growing children into the charming house at 20 Aptos Avenue that I had fallen in love with years before. I have been attending BTHA meetings regularly, been an advocate for preserving the neighborhood and would like to be more actively involved as a board member.

Kevin Bulivant

I have lived in Balboa Terrace since 1999 with my wife and two children. I am a Finance professional with over 25 years experience. I served on the St. Brendan’s Men’s Club Board as treasurer for three years. Since 2010 I have worked for non-profit organizations and currently am Director of Finance at St. Mary the Virgin Church.
I enjoy making organizational improvements and explaining financial transactions to non-financial stakeholders. My goals and objectives for this Board: I would like to provide financial oversight, integrity and full transparency.

Nancy Khalaf

My name is Dr. Nancy Khalaf and I would like to nominate myself for the BTHA Board of Directors.  I have lived at 358 San Benito Way for over eleven years and have owned my dental practice at 2345 Ocean Avenue for thirteen years. As a home and business owner in the neighborhood, I feel it is important to maintain the safety and beauty of Balboa Terrace. I hope to be able to help do that and thank you for your consideration.

George Wu

Until asked to serve as a Director two years ago, I had never appreciated the substantial responsibilities of our BTHA Board, despite being a homeowner in Balboa Terrace for thirty five years.
Learning of the fiduciary roles of the Directors and their multiple committee tasks was an eye opener. I seek reappointment as a director to help promote a strategy and a process for our HOA to foster a willing stream of volunteers who will help to enhance the governance of this community that our family loves.

Bill Thomen

My name is Bill Thomen and I have recently moved to Balboa Terrace. I was attracted to Balboa Terrace by the historical appearance of the houses and the consistency of the beautiful landscaping.  All this is the result of a strong HOA.  I am a CPA by training and fiscally conservative.  I feel that I can help the association by using my professional skills to ensure that our money is well spent while also maximizing the appearance of our neighborhood.