2018 Balboa Terrace Homes Board of Directors

Balboa Terrace homeowners elected a new Board of Directors on March 12, 2018. 


Bob Switzer - President
Dave Wentker - Vice-President
Emily Tam - Secretary
Bill Thomen - Treasurer
Gerald Bernstein
Brigitte Churnin

Arlene Doyle
Susan Grazioli
Richard Hill
Robert Mann
Rahoul Seth






CAPITAL PROJECTS COMMITTEE: Responsible for managing the HOA’s maintenance and improvement of our common area walkways, alleys, gateways on Junipero Serra and historic trolley stop.

Jerry Bernstein, Chair; Brigitte
Churnin; Sue Grazioli; Bob
Switzer; Dave Wentker


LANDSCAPE COMMITTEE: is responsible for plans to improve and maintain common area landscaping, monitor resident compliance for front yard landscape, and outreach to mitigate blight, pests, etc.

Brigitte Churnin/Sue Grazioli
co-chairs; Robert Mann; Bob
Switzer; Dave Wentker


ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN REVIEW COMMITTEE: Reviews construction proposals to ensure conformance with our Design Guidelines and CCRs; preserves and restores our historic and architectural heritage.

Robert Mann, Chair; Brigitte
Churnin; Jerry Bernstein;
Arlene Doyle; Sue Grazioli;
Bob Switzer; Emily Tam


GOVERNANCE COMMITTEE: Proposes management and administrative plans, and amendments to our governing documents, and builds support for and recruits professional assistance.

Richard Hill, Chair; the 2018
officers; Rahoul Seth


NEIGHBORHOOD COMMUNICATIONS & OUTREACH COMMITTEE: Ramps up and professionalizes BTHA communications, including View From the Terrace, website, postings, our “Welcoming Committee,” and social events.

Steve Snyder, webmaster;
Bob Switzer; Emily Tam;
Sarah Wentker, View editor
and welcome wagon

NOMINATIONS AND ELECTIONS COMMITTEE: Monitors statutory election requirements and conducts fair and impartial candidate recruitment, nominations, elections and ballots.

Residents to be appointed each year

NEIGHBORHOOD SAFETY, TRAFFIC & EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS COMMITTEE: Initiates efforts to protect residents’ health, safety, and preparedness; addresses parking/traffic congestion and improve security.

Arlene Doyle, Chair; Brigitte Churnin; Robert Mann

FINANCE COMMITTEE: Monitors, maintains, and improves financial controls, budgeting, billings; works program for professional staff support. Prepares, edits, & distributes annual meeting financial reports.

Rahoul Seth, Chair; Bill Thomen, Treasurer; Sue Grazioli