Homeowner Information

Owning a home in Balboa Terrace automatically makes you a member of the Association. The Association meets annually each spring, and the board meets monthly; you’re welcome to attend any of these monthly board meetings if you have a special issue to discuss. E-mail the board if you want the location of the next meeting. You can also check out past meeting minutes for a sampling of what happens at board meetings.
The Balboa Terrace Homes Association meets on the first Monday evening of each month at 7:30 p.m. 

2018 Balboa Terrace
Board of Directors

Balboa Terrace homeowners elected a new Board of Directors on March 12, 2018. Please join in congratulating and supporting our Association's new Board of Directors.

Bob Switzer - President
Dave Wentker - Vice-President
Emily Tam - Secretary
Bill Thomen - Treasurer
Gerald Bernstein
Brigitte Churnin
Arlene Doyle
Susan Grazioli
Richard Hill
Robert Mann
Rahoul Seth


Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct was adopted by the BTHA Board of Directors in December, 2017 to foster greater courtesy, civility and decorum at meetings of the Board of Directors, and to ensure a more professional process for the proposals, contracts and decisions that appear before the Board, or on its agenda.  Sometime referred to as a Board’s “ethics policy,” behavior in line with the Code ensures greater transparency, accountability and professionalism to better serve our residents.

Architectural Guidelines

Balboa Terrace is proud of the architectural unity of our subdivision. We’ve created some architectural design guidelines to help homeowners plan renovations that involve the exterior of their home.
Download the Neighborhood Architectural Design Guidelines Document (PDF) for complete information.


The Architectural Review Committee is now called the Architectural Review Advisory Committee (ARAC). Its members must be appointed by the Board and include a Board member. The Committee will act in an advisory role and shall advise the Board before any decisions regarding Homeowner property is undertaken. The Board and the Committee shall work together. The Board must approve any letters sent to the Homeowners or the SF Planning/or Building Departments. 02/07/17

The Committee members are: 
Robert Mann, Chair, Brigitte Churnin, Emily Tam, Arlene Doyle, Jerry Bernstein, Sue Grazioli, Bob Switzer
email: bthaboard@balboaterrace.org


Governance Documents

Balboa Terrace Homes Association Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) are documented in a “red book” hard copy and in the PDF below.