CAPITAL PROJECTS COMMITTEE: Responsible for managing the HOA’s maintenance and improvement of our common area walkways, alleys, gateways on Junipero Serra and historic trolley stop.


Jerry Bernstein, Chair; Brigitte Churnin; Bob Switzer;



LANDSCAPE COMMITTEE: is responsible for plans to improve and maintain common area landscaping, monitor resident compliance for front yard landscape, and outreach to mitigate blight, pests, etc.


Brigitte Churnin,chair; Robert Mann; Bob Switzer



ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN REVIEW COMMITTEE: Reviews construction proposals to ensure conformance with our Design Guidelines and CCRs; preserves and restores our historic and architectural heritage.


Robert Mann, Chair; Brigitte
Churnin; Jerry Bernstein;
Arlene Doyle; Bob Switzer; Emily Tam



GOVERNANCE COMMITTEE: Proposes management and administrative plans, and amendments to our governing documents, and builds support for and recruits professional assistance.


Richard Hill, Chair; Bob Switzer; Emily Tam; Bill Thomen



NEIGHBORHOOD COMMUNICATIONS & OUTREACH COMMITTEE: Ramps up and professionalizes BTHA communications, including View From the Terrace, website, postings, our “Welcoming Committee,” and social events.


Steve Snyder, webmaster;
Bob Switzer; Emily Tam;
Arlene Doyle, Welcome Wagon


NOMINATIONS AND ELECTIONS COMMITTEE: Monitors statutory election requirements and conducts fair and impartial candidate recruitment, nominations, elections and ballots.
Action Amending the Nominations and Election Committee (September 2018)


Residents to be appointed each year

NEIGHBORHOOD SAFETY, TRAFFIC & EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS COMMITTEE: Initiates efforts to protect residents’ health, safety, and preparedness; addresses parking/traffic congestion and improve security.


Arlene Doyle, Chair; Brigitte Churnin; Robert Mann

FINANCE COMMITTEE: Monitors, maintains, and improves financial controls, budgeting, billings; works program for professional staff support. Prepares, edits, & distributes annual meeting financial reports.


Bill Thomen, Chair & Treasurer