Balboa Terrace Homes Association
Board Candidate Qualification Guidelines

Once a year, members of the Balboa Terrace Homes Association are invited to stand as a Candidate, or to nominate other qualified association members for election to the Board of Directors. Note: Qualification statements below reference 2019 election schedule.

Qualifications for Candidacy:  Association members in good standing may be nominated (or self-nominated - (Article 4, Section 5105 (a) (3)) to stand for election to the Board of Directors by sending a Candidate Statement of not more than 100 words by January 17, 2019 to the Association’s Nomination and Election Committee, at together with their name, address and contact information.  Each candidate is responsible for the content of their own Candidate Statement and to ensure compliance with the 100-word limit.  The candidate’s name is not counted in this limit. Elected Directors should be prepared to spend several hours per month in committee meetings and several hours preparing for, attending and following up on Board meetings.

General:  All homeowners and Candidates should be aware that the election of Directors to the Association’s Board of Directors are governed by California statute, Civil Code Section 5105, et sec., and 4360 and are consistent with the Association’s governing documents, previously adopted rules and past practices except as may be identified below.  The Board has established by Charter, an independent Nomination and Election Committee with responsibilities to ensure fair and open nomination /election process.  One to three independent “Inspectors of Election” will be selected to count the ballots of eligible voters on valid ballots submitted during the voting period and announce the elected candidates who receive the most votes. The Charter establishing the membership and responsibilities of the Committee may be found on the Association’s Website role.

Candidate Media Access:  All Candidate Statements will be given equal access to the Association’s media and will be posted to the Balboa Terrace Website, printed in the Association newsletter, The View from the Terrace, included in any informal Board postings to the Next Door website, and included with the Ballot mailed to all homeowners.  The BTHA web manager will be responsible to upload all Nomination Statements to the appropriate web page. (Article 4, Section 5105 (a) (1)

Access to Common Meeting Areas: The Association owns no common meeting area.  However, the January Board meetings will provide opportunity for all announced candidates to introduce themselves and their candidate statement to the membership and Board for 3 minutes during the Open Forum   (Article 4, Section 5105 (a) (2) 

Qualifications for Voting, Eligible Voters: The owner(s) of each home in Balboa Terrace is entitled to one vote. Tenants and occupants who are not owners, nor their proxies are eligible to vote. (Article 4, Section 5105 (a) (4)

Valid Ballots:  A ballot is valid if it is enclosed within a sealed envelope marked “Ballot” which is itself enclosed within an enveloped identifying the home address and bearing the signature of the Eligible voter.   A valid ballot is mailed to the Association’s Post Office Box to be determined by the Board or presented at the Call to Order of the Annual Meeting. 

The Voting Period:  Ballots will be mailed to each Eligible Voter on or before February 5, 2019. (Article 4, Section 5105 (a) (4).

Ballots must be cast and returned by mail starting February 6 and mailed ballots must be postmarked for return no later than March 1, 2019.  Any homeowner may submit a valid ballot in person at time of the Call to Order of the Annual Meeting on March 12, 2019 at 7:30 P.M. at the Ninth Church of Christ Scientist, 175 Junipero Serra Boulevard.  (Article 4, Section 5105 (a) (4) 

Inspector of Elections.  The duties of the Inspector of Elections are established in statute (5110 Article 4, Section 5105 (a-d) through 5125) and in the Associations Charter of the Elections and Nomination Committee.

The Term of Directors.  Elected Directors will serve from March 2019 to March 2020 or until such time until as set forth in any governing documents that are newly-adopted by the membership shall determine.

Responsibilities of Directors:  Director responsibilities are set forth in the Association Governing Documents, the Davis-Sterling Act, and the Association’s Code of Conduct all of which may be found on the Association’s website.